About Us

About Us

In a world where investments have become increasingly popular globally, BIS is taking bold steps to solidify our role as a liquidity provider. This is extremely essential in the financial markets.

As a liquidity provider, BIS is committed to provide the most competitive prices and stable bridging technology for clients around the world. Founded in 2014 in Czech Republic, BIS has established an honourable reputation by providing robust security functions in our technology systems. We have also operated with high transparency to deliver world-class financial bridging services to our clients.

These principles that BIS held strongly on to have become the core reasons which made BIS a trusted partner for brokerage firms around the world.


BIS is regulated and strictly adhere to policies and guidelines to ensure operations are in-line with industry’s best practices.


BIS deploys proprietary technology which reduces delay in price data delivery to ensure fast and stable trade execution on all transactions.


BIS understands that cost is a key ingredient of brokerage operations thus competitive price offerings are essential without compromising the quality of services.

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Richard Anderson graduated with a Double Degree in Finance & Economics. With over 15-years of experience in the foreign exchange market, Anderson had served many financial companies that are regulated by NFA, FINRA and ASIC. He joined BIS in September 2014 as the Chief Commercial Officer, and due to his remarkable management skill and exemplary performance, he was appointed as the Chief Executive Officer in 2018 and currently responsible for development and daily operations of the corporation.

Damon Cresta graduated with Degree in Electrical Engineering and PHD in Applied Science from Politecnico di Milano. He has 12-years of experience in the technical field and previously served as the Vice President of Information and Communication System at Belgian Research Centre. Cresta joined BIS as Chief Technology Officer in 2017 and have ever since promoted BIS’s Global Technology Strategy as well as providing technical leadership in the corporation.

Nicole Biviano has a Master’s Degree in Accounting from University of Tehran. She is an accomplished financial executive and certified public accountant who previously held many positions in KPMG. Biviano joined BIS in 2018 as the Chief Financial Officer and is currently fully responsible for financial management in the corporation including finance, taxation, capital, and company development.

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