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The Word’s First
Shared-Liquidation System

BIS has shown exponential growth since its establishment, especially among the European countries. This is even more evident in the recent years, where globally, people are becoming more aware that investments are truly essential for personal monetary growth and crucial in retirement planning. As such, investments markets have boomed, even more so in the Forex market. As demand increases, so does competition among brokerage firms. At BIS, we know that cost is a key factor in attracting the right clientele, hence we offer attractive price offerings coupled with secured bridging systems to forge good partnerships with brokers. In view of the continuous growth of the company, BIS sees this as an opportunity for expansion beyond the current market into Asia. Based on market study, with recent rise of popularity of Forex trading in Asia, China has jumped from 13th to 8th largest forex trading centre in the world. As we can see from the figures below, Asia now constitutes 21.3% of OTC Forex turnover, making it the second largest growing region in the world.

The Rise of FX in Asia

1 U.K. 43.1%
2 U.S.A. 16.5%
3 Singapore 7.6%
4 Hong Kong 7.6%
5 Japan 4.5%
6 Switzerland 3.3%
7 France 2%
8 China 1.6%
9 Germany 1.5%
10 Australia 1.4%

In order to expand the business operations, BIS is aiming to increase its liquidity capacity in order to engage more broker partners. As such, BIS has launched the world’s first associates program where associates have the privilege to participate in the markets like a real corporate level liquidity provider. Associates benefit from economies of scale and have the ability to take on orders that were once unavailable to them due to lack of volume.


Since establishment, BIS has acquired the exclusive financial business license issued by a National Bank. Under the supervision of a National Bank, all operations of BIS must strictly comply with the laws and regulations to ensure operations work according to industry’s best practices.

The Use of
Artificial Intelligence (AI) in BIS

Utilising the analytical edge of an Artificial Intelligence system, BIS is able to screen through and analyse all orders taken from our broker partners to segregate stable or risky orders, resulting in the decision to trade against the brokers or to send the trades to commercial banks.


As a liquidity provider, BIS must adhere to strict regulations set forth by the National Bank of Czech Republic. Regulator stipulate mandatory capital requirements as well as policies and procedures guiding the the operations of the Liquidity Provider, in which it includes the use of Trust Accounts for investors funds. These are a few of the main factors that ensure that BIS is operating under the industry’s best practices as a Liquidity Provider.

One of the main reasons why BIS associates can invest with a peace of mind is that funds collection is conducted via the world’s trusted payment channels such as Visa, Master, UnionPay, USDT, Alipay, and Online Banking of their preferred choice, directly into the BIS Trustee Account.

BIS is committed as a liquidity provider to provide the most competitive prices and stable bridging technology for clients around the world. Since the founding of the corporation, BIS has established a honourable reputation by providing strong security measures in the technology system as well as high transparency in the operation guidelines in order to deliver world-class financial bridging services to our clients.

This bridging technology allows our associates to view all Live Transactions with all of our broker partners. We believe in operating with high-transparency with our associates as another way to maintain authenticity.